Food is life, so make it great!

Our Story

Food played a major part of my life growing up, and it's not surprising when the opportunity presented itself for the business adventure, it has everything to do with food. We are Susan and Drew, the owners of Dumpling’s Treats.

A Chinese Canadian living in Toronto, I, Susan, had many advantages experiencing and exploring food that offered different flavors and textures in my teenage years.

20 years ago, I became a flight attendant and continued my adventure with food. To others, the layovers meant shopping trips and sightseeing, but to me, it was all about searching for delicious food. Hummus, fish and veggies in Tel Aviv, fishballs and mangos in Hong Kong, the first cappuccino in Rome, ham and cheese sandwiches in Paris, to name a few. I learned that the best quality food came from the caring farmers and local sources. Both the texture and flavour are determined not only by how fresh the ingredients are, but also how they are cultivated and grown with the farm-to-table practice.

About 3 years ago, our family adopted our dog, Dumpling. I never had a dog growing up, but I saw how he changed my kids when they first met. Despite the foreseeable amount of work ahead, I made a commitment bringing Dumpling home with us. Everybody has to start somewhere, I told myself. During this time, the bond that has grown between Dumpling and myself is beyond my wildest imagination. The unconditional love and acceptance we have for each other made both our lives fuller and richer. He is my family and I’m his. Taking care of him and making sure that he lives the best life we could provide for him is part of my daily life. However, finding what’s good for him especially for food has been a big challenge that I didn’t expect.

After having tried raw food, different brand kibbles and 7 different kinds of treats with ingredients that I can’t even pronounce, we couldn’t find a satisfying solution for Dumpling and us. So I did my research and learned that the industry standard for pet treats is quite low. Those options are what I will get if I choose to purchase from pet stores. Then I came across the idea on making a single ingredient treat for Dumpling and gave it a try. He loved it at first taste. As a matter of fact he loves them so much, I started to tell people about these treats and pass them out for everyone to try. Then I started to sell them to family and friends, neighbours, neighbours’ friends, and their friends’ friends. Now it’s our business, Dumpling’s Treats.

We source our human-grade raw ingredients from local stores known for quality. For the future growing demands on production, we will consider partnering with local farmers for large quantities of ingredients that offer premium quality


Live, Love and Rescue 

At Dumpling’s Treats, we are dedicated to supporting organizations such as Stray to Play. Rescuing dogs from all over the world, this charity works to rehome strayed, abandoned, surrendered and abused dogs.


From welcoming rescued dogs at the airport, driving them to their foster homes to screening applicants who wish to adopt, we contribute our time wholeheartedly to helping dogs in need find their way to a new loving family.


We also donate our healthy treats to our new “canine-citizens” to enjoy along the journey to their new forever home. (To celebrate our family dog Dumpling’s birthday, each year is donated to Stray to Play.)


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